What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is your once a year opportunity to make changes or sign up for new benefits, and it's when McClatchy introduces updates to the plans we offer.

Outside of Open Enrollment, you can only make changes if you have a qualified life event, such as a birth or marriage. Changes you make to your benefits during Open Enrollment will take effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

What you need to know:

Open Enrollment is "passive" this year, meaning most of your 2019 benefits choices will continue into 2020.  However, you must complete Open Enrollment if:

  • You want to continue covering a spouse or domestic partner and/or;
  • You wish to enroll in or continue to contribute to a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) in 2020

2020 Benefits Guide

Keep In Mind...

Open Enrollment is the perfect opportunity to start taking advantage of benefits you may be missing out on. Consider adding or increasing supplemental life insurance, identity theft protection or, perhaps, financial protection in the event of a critical illness or accident. By choosing the right coverage that fits your needs, you are proactively taking care of yourself and your loved ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Across the U.S., health care costs continue to rise and McClatchy’s plans are not exempt. Monthly premium costs for medical plans will increase slightly in 2020; however, we are happy to report costs for dental and vision plans do not increase for 2020. 

Below is a breakdown of McClatchy's premium increase by plan compared to the national trend:    

You have choices for your health care coverage...

Medical - McClatchy offers two medical plans. The Savings Advantage plan includes a higher deductible; however, you’ll pay a lower monthly premium contribution and McClatchy contributes to your HSA to jump start your savings.*  With the Classic Care plan, you'll pay less for services received from an in-network provider, but will pay more in monthly premium costs.  Click here for a side-by-side plan comparison.

Dental - You have two dental plans to choose from, Basic or Comprehensive. Both plans provide access to network providers at negotiated discount costs and cover preventive services, such as exams,
cleanings and x-rays. However, the Comprehensive plan also includes coverage for for basic/major restorative services. Plan Comparison

Vision - You have two vision plans to choose from, Basic or Comprehensive. Both plans provide access to network providers at negotiated discount costs, cover preventive services such as exams
and offer discounts on the purchase of prescriptions glasses and/or contacts. However, the Comprehensive plan also includes an allowance for prescription glasses or contact lenses.  
Plan Comparison


*Employees are subject to eligibility rules for HSA contributions

Being protected extends beyond healthcare insurance, McClatchy provides basic life insurance and disability income benefits at no cost to you.*

McClatchy’s voluntary benefits include plans that protect against identity theft, unexpected out-of-pockets costs in the event of a critical illness or accident, and optional supplemental life insurance to ensure your family is taken care of. Even your furry and feathered friends can be protected under McClatchy’s pet insurance.


*Certain benefits include an option for voluntary buy-up benefits.

McClatchy encourages you to really evaluate your current medical coverage and make informed decisions!  Try Alex, our interactive benefits advisor!  Taking into account your personal health and finances, Alex can help decide what's right for you.

Both the Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account options let you take home a larger paycheck by reducing your taxable income. Once you're enrolled you contribute tax-free dollars into an account that can be used on qualified medical, dental and vision or qualified dependent care expenses — also reducing out-of-pocket costs.

Health Savings Account (HSA) - You must be enrolled in the Savings Advantage Plan to be eligible for the HSA program. This plan does not require re-enrollment each year as long as you remain eligible. Learn more about McClatchy's HSA plan here.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) - The FSA healthcare plan is available to any employee not enrolled in the Savings Advantage Plan; the FSA Dependent Care plan is available to all employees with eligible dependents. Both the Healthcare FSA and the Dependent Care FSA plans require re-enrollment each year to participate. Learn more about McClatchy's FSA plans here.

  • Gather SSN and DOB for new dependent(s)
  • Decide who your beneficiaries will be

Log into Employee Self Service (ESS): Main Menu > Self Service > Benefits > Benefits enrollment

Click here to enroll*

*Due to recent security updates, ESS is only accessible on the McClatchy network or remotely via VPN. Please contact your People team (HR) if you have any questions.


McClatchy will be hosting interactive webinars, including a Q&A session, during the 1st week of Open Enrollment.

Tuesday, Nov. 5
12 p.m. Pacific -- 3 p.m. Eastern
Click HERE to register


Thursday, Nov. 7
9 a.m. Pacific -- 12 p.m. Eastern
Click HERE to register

Instructions will be emailed to you upon registration.

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