What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment (OE) is an opportunity for eligible employees to enroll in or make changes to benefit coverage for the upcoming year.  

You won’t be allowed to make changes during 2019 unless you have a qualifying life event such as a birth or marriage. Changes made during OE will be effective January 1, 2019.

Do I need to do anything?  Maybe...

Most of your 2018 benefits choices will continue into 2019.  However, you must take action if:

  • you want to continue covering a spouse or domestic partner, or
  • you want to contribute to an FSA in 2019

Consider this...

By choosing the right insurance coverage, you are proactively taking care of yourself and your loved ones. That might mean adding supplemental life insurance, long-term disability insurance or maybe identity theft protection. McClatchy knows being well-insured helps you to worry less, and to focus on the more important things in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my premiums changing?

Across the U.S., health care costs continue to rise and McClatchy’s plans are not exempt. Although some premiums will increase, most will remain the same. Below is a breakdown of the premium increase by plan:    

Medical                         8.4%

Dental                            2.2%

Vision                             2.0%

Life Insurance                0.0%

Long-Term Disability     0.0%

Critical Illness                0.0%

Accident                        0.0%

Identity Protection        0.0%

What does each health plan offer?

You have choices for your health care coverage...

Medical - Savings Advantage or Classic Care.  The Savings Advantage plan has higher deductibles, but lower employee payroll contributions than the Classic Care plan.  Click here for a side-by-side plan comparison.

Dental - Basic or Comprehensive.  The Basic plan generally covers preventive care only, such as cleanings and exams.  The Comprehensive plan covers preventive care and many restorative services, such as fillings, root canals and crowns.  Plan Comparison

Vision - Basic or Comprehensive.The Basic plan generally only covers eye exams.  The Comprehensive plan covers eye exams and has an allowance for prescription glasses or contact lenses.  Plan Comparison

What other benefits are offered?

Some of McClatchy’s newer benefits include plans that protect against identity theft and provide financial benefits if you experience a critical illness or accident.  Now, even your beloved furry and feathered friends can be protected under McClatchy’s pet insurance.

What’s right for me? Choose wisely!

McClatchy encourages you to really evaluate your current medical coverage and make informed decisions!  We recommend you try Alex, our interactive benefits advisor!  Taking into account your personal health and finances, Alex can help decide what's right for you.

How about saving some money?

McClatchy can help you get a tax break.  Learn how a Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA) can reduce your taxable income.

What do I need to know before enrolling?
  • Gather SSN and DOB for new dependent(s)
  • Decide who your beneficiaries will be
I’m ready to enroll. Now what?

Employee Self Service
Access from Home
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Employee Self Service
Access from Work of with VPN
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Still have questions?

McClatchy will be hosting interactive webinars, including a Q&A session, during the 1st week of Open Enrollment.

Tuesday, October 23
12 p.m. Pacific -- 3 p.m. Eastern
Click HERE to register
Webinar ID: 288-575-779

Wednesday, October 24
9 a.m. Pacific -- 12 p.m. Eastern
Click HERE to register
Webinar ID: 289-487-971