McClatchy offers two dental plans to benefits-eligible employees

Cigna Dental

  • Cigna is the¬†administrator for McClatchy's dental care program
  • Cigna offers two dental plans to benefits-eligible employees:
    a Basic Plan and a Comprehensive Plan
  • Both plans use the Cigna Dental PPO network


  • Find a Dentist
    Search online at the Cigna website to see if your dentist is in the network or to find a new dentist. At the website, select the "Dentist" option and input your city and state or ZIP code. On the following page, where Cigna asks you to "Select your dental plan," choose "Cigna Dental PPO" and then the "Core Network" options.
  • Understanding Your Dental Benefits
    Cigna's consumer guide to understanding and maximizing your dental benefits.
  • Oral Health Integration
    Cigna will reimburse out-of-pocket dental care costs for some employees with specific medical conditions -- including diabetes, heart disease, pregnancy and others.


  • Dentist Nomination
    If your dentist is not in the network, you can request Cigna to recruit your dentist by downloading and submitting this nomination form. Cigna will actively reach out to all dentists nominated by McClatchy employees.
  • Dental Claim
    Submit your claims using this form.
  • Balanced Billing Reimbursement
    Use this form when balance billed by out-of-network providers.
  • Oral Health Integration Reimbursement
    Use this form when seeking reimbursements as part of Cigna Dental's Oral Health Integration Program.

Cigna Contacts

  • Member Services: 800-244-6224 (800-CIGNA24)
  • Cigna Website:¬†