Accident Insurance

Accidents can happen in an instant affecting you or a loved one. Getting the right treatement can be vital to revocery, but it can also be expensive.

With Accident insurance, you can gain the advantage of financial support, thanks to the cash benefit paid directly to you. You also gain the financial empowerment to seek the treatment needed to get well.

McClatchy has partnered with Allstate to offer two Accident plans to benefit-eligible employees. 

Plan Information

McClatchy offers two accident plans a high and low accident plan. Just like the name implies, the high plan will play a larger cash benefit and the low plan will pay out less of a cash benefit.

More information on the plans can be found on Allstate/McClatchy's microsite


High Plan

Low Plan

The Summary Plan Description (SPD) is a detailed guide to what McClatchy's Accident plan covers and how the plans work.

In most cases, you may only make changes to your benefits during Open Enrollment. However, employees enrolled in Accident, Critical Illness, and/or Identity Theft coverage may choose to make some limited changes or cancel their coverage at any time during the year. If you would like to make changes or drop coverage for one or all of these plans, please take a look at our Accident, Critical Illness, and/or Identity Theft coverage change page for more details.

Accident Insurance FAQ

This Accident policy pays a specified amount when a covered person is injured as a result of a covered accident or injury. This policy provides 24-hour coverage for both on- and off-the-job injuries.

An accident is any unforeseen, unintentional injury.

No, coverage is offered on a Guaranteed Issue basis, which means you do not need to answer medical questions.

The insured or covered person will submit the claim for processing.

You can submit claims for covered benefits any time after the coverage effective date.

After enrollment, register at to view your coverage information and file claims. You can also obtain a claim form on the Allstate Benefits website at For assistance, call our Customer Care Center at 800-521-3535.

Yes, to be eligible for critical illness insurance you are required to be enrolled in major medical insurance. McClatchy's medical plans qualify as major medical insurance. You will be asked during the enrollment process to attest to your enrollment in major medical insurance.

Accident Low Plan High Plan
Initial Hospital Confinement (once/year) $500 $1,500
Hospital Confinement (per day) $100 $300
Intensive Care (per day) $200 $600
Ambulance – Ground $100 $150
Ambulance – Air $300 $450
X-Ray $100 $150
Emergency Room $150 $200
Dislocation/Fracture (up to) $2,000 $6,000
Urgent Care $50 $75
Accident Physician’s Treatment $50 $75

For a full list of accidents and payouts, please review the plan documents.


  • Allstate Member Services: 800-521-3535 (Group Number: G1494)
    • Questions regarding current coverage, claims, policy/cert holder support
  • Allstate Member Website
    • Track claims
    • You will be able to login after coverage begins
  • Pre-enrollment Services: 866-701-7439
    • Questions regarding coverage prior to enrolling
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