Critical Illness Insurance

While a major medical plan may pay for a good portion of the costs associated with a critical illness, there are a lot of expenses that may not be covered. McClatchy offers a supplemental critical illness plan to our benefit-eligible employees.

You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it. McClatchy has partnered with Allstate to offer a critical illness plan to benefit-eligible employees. This plan can help give you the power to take control of your finances when faced with a covered critical illness. It pays benefits that can be used for non-medical expenses that health insurance might not cover. The cash benefit is in the form of a lump sum payment, which is paid directly to you after a covered diagnosis.  To learn more about this new benefit, check out the additional information below.

Plan Information

Low Plan

High Plan

In most cases, you may only make changes to your benefits during Open Enrollment. However, employees enrolled in Accident, Critical Illness, and/or Identity Theft coverage may choose to make some limited changes or cancel their coverage at any time during the year. If you would like to make changes or drop coverage for one or all of these plans, please take a look at our Accident, Critical Illness, and/or Identity Theft coverage change page for more details.


  • Pre-enrollment Services: 866-701-7439 
    • Questions regarding coverage prior to enrolling
  • Member Services: 800-521-3535
    • Questions regarding current coverage
  • Website: Allstate
    • You will be able to login after your coverage begins