Recently gained or lost other health coverage?

Below are items you may want or need to take care of within 31 days.

Notify your People team

Notify the People team of the change in your health care coverage eligibility within 31 days of the event.

Update your benefits

Provide documentation showing the gain or loss of other health care coverage within 31 days of the event in order to change your benefit elections in Employee Self Service. If gaining coverage, documentation may include be a letter from the new insurance company reflecting the date coverage becomes effective. If losing coverage, documentation may be a copy of your COBRA qualifying event notice reflecting the date coverage terminates.

You will be notified via email of your deadline to enroll. Benefits will begin the first of the following month.

Dependent Eligibility Verification Process
If you add a dependent onto a McClatchy health care plan, you will need to submit additional documentation to Budco to verify your dependent’s eligibility for this coverage.

You will receive communications about this if applicable in the mail 2 weeks after enrollment.