Spousal Eligibility

This section details our spousal eligibility requirements and questions you may have concerning the coverage.

If your spouse is eligible for non-HMO medical and/or dental coverage with their employer, they must be enrolled in that coverage in order to be eligible for secondary medical or dental coverage with McClatchy.

If your spouse's medical and/or dental plan is an HMO, they cannot be covered under a McClatchy plan.

The spouse's employer will pay for any claims first, as specified in that plan’s contract. McClatchy’s plan will coordinate benefits with the other employer’s plan and cover any remaining claim costs per our contract.

Children or dependents can be covered under the spouse’s plan and/or the McClatchy plan. If they are covered under both plans, the health plan of the parent whose birth date is the earliest in the year will provide primary coverage.

If both parents work for a McClatchy subsidiary, they can elect to either 1) be covered separately under different medical, dental and/or vision plans, or 2) one employee can elect to cover the other as a dependent under the same health care plans. An employee cannot be covered both as an employee and a dependent under McClatchy-sponsored health care or life insurance plans. Dependents can be covered under either parent’s plan, but cannot be covered under both plans.

A change in your spouses eligibility is what we refer to a "life event" and allows you to make changes to your benefits mid-year. Please refer to the gain/loss of other coverage page for more detailed information on this process.